black and white woman Jessica Grant

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About Me

I graduated from Selkirk College in 2018 with honours in the education assistant program and have been working for the school district as an EA since graduation. I have a passion for reading and teaching elementary school readers. I offer a calm and understanding approach. I recognize we are all unique individuals that learn in different ways. My experiences, training and background knowledge includes working with a variety of differences including autism, ADHD, ODD and dyslexia. I live in beautiful Nelson, BC with my 11-year-old son and 2 dogs. My interests include reading, art, nature and vegetarian cooking.

Why I became a Tutor

Working as an education assistant in the public school system I see how many children struggle and how common it is. I understand the obstacles many individuals face and I enjoy helping them overcome and work through them and build a solid foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Reading Tutors

During a tutoring session we will determine what level we need to work at. We will then work together through materials to build their skills and knowledge and ensure understanding. We will play a game that is suited to build their development but also interactive and enjoyable for them. I find that kids really enjoy this and it builds their momentum.
Yes, at the end of each session I will outline materials to work on until our next session. At the beginning of each session we will do a quick review and go over progress.
By offering virtual tutoring sessions it allows your child to feel more relaxed in the comfort of their own home. It also follows covid protocols and allows me to tutor more children and move outside of the cohort I work in at an elementary school. Please see services page for more detailed information on the benefits of online tutoring. However, if you fell that in-person tutoring is more beneficial for your child we can arrange for this following covid protocols.